The purpose of a ridge is to protect the first fixing at the top of the roof.
When re-ridging, I strip and dispose of the old ridge, check the condition of the top fixings and make repairs if necessary.
Then several layers of either Norfolk sedge or combed wheat reed forming “skirts” and “wrap overs” are fixed using twisted Hazel fasteners called “spars”.
It is by using the spars laid in a chosen pattern and cutting the skirts that enable me to create the distinctive ridge shape, this either copies the existing pattern or can suit the client’s preference. A General tidy-up includes cleaning off any leaves, moss or lichen from the roof therefore allowing the thatch to breath and dry.
Eves and gables will be straightened where necessary. Thatch will also be checked for any visual defects.

Extensions, Garages & outbuildings

Should you wish to extend or alter your home, providing you have the necessary consent, new material can be blended into the existing thatch. I can fit Velux windows, install open fires and log burning stoves through new and existing thatch.


Repairs can vary from minor, i.e. small holes created by animals or close proximity foliage, to large repairs, i.e. repairing a worn valley.
Repairs normally consist of removing the rotten thatch and replacing it with new material.
Any cement or lead flashing that has come away from chimney stacks or walls can be replaced.